Our team provides the most powerful products for maximizing your mud and fluid returns and solving your loss circulation problems. Our products help with a wide range of fluid loss issues for all situations. The following is a list of some of the issues that our customers face and the solutions that we provide for each:


TOP-SIDEWINDER™ is a premium friction reducing and lubricating agent, designed for all drilling fluids. TOP-SIDEWINDER™ does not promote foaming or aeration, like many other liquid lubricants.


TOP-TROL™ is a premium grade pre-coupled Gilsonite®, blended with select resins. TOP-TROL™ offers a variable softening point, ranging from 330°F to 370°F+. TOP-TROL™ is a naturally occurring solid carbonaceous asphaltite material, sourced from select mines of Utah.


TOP-SEAL C3™ Fine combines the proven effectiveness of premium cellulose fiber source materials, coupled with the sealing standard of fine grade calcium carbonate. They combine to provide more effective seal, in the prevention, control and correction of seepage to whole mud loss.


TACTICAL BLITZ™ is a proprietary blend of sealants and bridging agents that are used as a pioneering solution for the first response to lost circulation. TACTICAL BLITZ™ is pre-measured and packaged to take the guesswork out of the formulation of initial response lost circulation material pills.


TOP-SQUEEZE™ is a new millennium product, designed to offer effective sealing action to fractured formations, vugular formations and severely depleted sand zones. TOP-SQUEEZE™ will effective increase the formation integrity and improve the casing seat
pressure test values.


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