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We pride ourselves on providing premium specialty products for both mud and cement focusing on loss circulation, torque & drag reduction, and well bore stability. If the downturn in 2015 and 2016 taught us anything at TOP it is that we have a dedicated team that has faith in our products and personnel’s capabilities. We continue to see our market share grow through hard work, dedication to our clients, and word-of-mouth. Whether in the ever-growing Permian Basin in West Texas; the always challenging Granite Wash in the Texas Panhandle; the strong and steady Bakken; the SCOOP, STACK, and Mississippi Lime of Oklahoma; or the still promising Utica in the Northeast, the word is spreading! Come find out what the buzz is all about!

Years of experience
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Tactical Oilfield Products is unique in that we have over 100 years of industry experience in drilling management, well site consulting, project management, specialty product development, sales and service. This experience allows TOP to empower the operator with honest and effective solutions. Explore our sample of case histories and our suite of products today, including our proprietary loss circulation material, Tactical Blitz®.

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Increase the Bottom Line

Imagine eliminating a casing string needed for a known loss zone; decreasing trip times and reducing the need to ream by improving wellbore stability; saving trips by being able to heal severe loss issues with highly concentrated sweeps or pills through BHA jewelry. TOP has a solution for you!”

World Class Products

Our products are not your run-of-the-mill loss circulation, lubricating, and wellbore stability materials. We have diligently researched and formulated our products to provide the highest quality additives to ensure the best results for the operator.

Customer Support

Availability is paramount to any successful business! The TOP team is available 24/7 to support your operations. The relationships that we strive to build with our clientele ensure that their needs are met when and where we are needed. Let us prove to you that you come first!

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