Pliable sealing material that seals off micro-fractures.


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Product Function:

An inert, malleable & specifically graded sealant material, with high compressive and adaptive traits, used to control seepage in depleted formations and prevent differential sticking.

TOP-PLY™ has incredible tensile strength which enables it to withstand high differential pressures while bridging micro-fractures and sealing permeable sands.

TOP-PLY™ has distinctive and asymmetrical particles which deform under pressure and temperature to seal off the permeable sands and micro-fractures of the formation matrix in a stable seal.

Compatibility, Mixing, and Pumping Procedures:


TOP-PLY™ is fully compatible in synthetic and water base fluids. Pilot testing is recommended prior to adding into heavy and hot OBM systems.

Mixing Procedures:

TOP-PLY™ mixes simply through the rig mixing hopper.

Spotting-Sweeping Procedures:

Spot a TOP-PLY™ pill across the thief zone, using slow pump rate and low pressures. Sweep pill through the annulus a minimum of every 30’ - 90’ drilled, and/or every 2 – 4 hours. Sweep the hole additionally, as dictated by seepage and mud loss occurrence, to seal off depleted sands, and to prevent lost circulation and stuck pipe.


TOP-PLY™ Medium is packaged in 25 lb, multi-walled paper bags, with 50 bags per pallet. Sizing ranges 10/20 mesh.

TOP-PLY™ Fine is packaged in 25 lb, multi-walled paper bags, with 50 bags per pallet Sizing ranges 80/100 mesh.