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A unique blend of resilient sealant components, including graphite, minerals, and polymers designed to help reduce seepage losses during the drilling of a depleted zone. BLACK JACK™ is temperature stable up to 450º F and disperses easily in Diesel, Oils, synthetic and aqueous-base fluids.

BLACK JACK™ can be mixed in all types of drilling and completion fluids. Additions of up to 30 ppb of this unique product will not increase the ECD, thus helping to reduce or eliminate seepage loss. 

Benefits and Packaging

BLACK JACK™ is packaged in 25 Paper Bags – 50 sx per pallet – Shrink Wrapped for added weather resistance 


TOP’s Black Jack™ has been specifically designed to mitigate seepage losses while supporting and maintaining TOP-TROL™.  It is a blend of TOP-TROL™ and TOP’s granulated nitrile rubber deployed as a sweep material.



  • Stable in temperatures up to 370o
  • Compatible in all types of drilling fluid.
  • Can be mixed up to 30 ppb in sweeps with little affect on ECDs.
  • Readily dispersible, bridges quickly to prevent seepage loss
  • Lowers HT-HP Filtrate values in Synthetic Base Fluids.
  • Cleaner fluid returns makes solids control equipment more efficient
  • Broad Particle Size Distribution range
  • Non-Damaging
  • Reduces filter cake permeability 


BLACK JACK™ prevent & Control Seepage Losses while providing lubricity. BLACK JACK™ is a one sack blend with easy mixing through the mud hopper.
Both water and oil dispersible this product can be used in a broad range of fluid appications. BLACK JACK™ has total resiliency.