TOP Partners with IPS International (May 2021)

TOP enters in to a partnership with IPS International opening potential opportunities to supply TOP’s suite of products to Mexico, Bolivia, and other Central and South American countries.  

TOP Acquires License for Control Seal™ Epoxy Resin (July 2020)

OP and Wild Well Control come to terms for the license of Control Seal™, rebranded under TOP as EPOX-Я™. EPOX-Я™ is a high-performance two-part epoxy resin developed for long term high differential pressure integrity repair and is designed to seal leaks and abandon...

TOP Partners with NexTier (August 2019)

Per the request of a Midland-base operator, NexTier agrees to dry blend Tactical Blitz® into their intermediate lead slurry resulting repeated success in the Delaware Basin.

TOP Partners with Stickman (May 2019)

Acting as TOP’s strategic stock points and servicing arm, Stickman has expanded rig-site coverage into North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming allowing access to TOP’s suite of products to Bakken, Powder River and DJ Basin operators.