TOP Partners with Spinnaker Oilfield Services (June 2017)

Spinnaker Oilfield Services pumps TOP’s Tactical Blitz® in the intermediate lead slurry for a Tulsa-based operator in the Granite Wash resulting in cement to surface in stage one of a planned two-stage job over eight trial wells.

TOP Moves in to Deep Water GoM (August 2015)

TOP successfully helps a Houston-based GoM Deep Water operator eliminate mud losses by aggressively pumping 50 bbl, 50 ppb Tactical Blitz® sweeps through BHA jewelry saving time and money.

TOP – Tactical Oilfield Products Acquires Patent (May 2015)

Tactical Oilfield Products, Inc. (TOP) is pleased to announce their acquisition of The Sole Exclusive License to United States Patent No. 6,518,224 by Robert Wood (the ‘224 Patent). From the patent release: RE: Announcement of the 6,518,224 Drilling Fluids patent...

TOP Tests Tactical Blitz® in Cement (March 2015)

TOP and a Houston-based GoM deep water operator employ CSI Technologies in Houston, TX to perform extensive testing of Tactical Blitz® in cement to evaluate its effectiveness and affects to cement rheology and chemistry. CSI’s conclusions are encouraging leading to...