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is a high-performance two-part epoxy resin developed for long term high differential pressure integrity repair in oil and gas wells. Designed to seal leaks and abandon problematic zones in a wide range of oil field environments.
As the industry’s leading cement alternative sealant, TACTICAL EPOX-Я™ provides the most durable mechanical strength, highest adhesion force, best differential pressure management, and unmatched resistance to chemical degradation when compared to polymers in this field.

TACTICAL EPOX-Я™ has been chemically cataloged
for optimum performance over a wide range
of downhole conditions.

Common Uses

  • Sustained Casing Pressure
  • Water Shut Off
  • Casing Leaks
    -Stage Collars / DV Tools
    -Packer / Connection Leaks
    -Failed LOT / Shoe Squeezes
  • Abandonment

The Chemical Advantage*

Industry leading chemical composition optimizes:

  • Placement Versatility
  • Adhesion Strength
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Degradation Resistance
  • Differential Pressure Management
  • Zero Permeability

*Compare to WellLOCKTM, WellCEMTM, Liquid Bridge PlugTM

High Performance Epoxy Well Sealant used to

repair a multitude of well integrity issues

  • Industry Leading Epoxy Chemistry

  • Simple and Versatile Logistics

  • Regional Based Inventory

  • Experienced Engineering and Operational Support