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At TOP, we take pride in delivering top-tier specialty products and enhancements designed for drilling mud and cement applications. Our focus is on addressing challenges such as lost circulation, torque & drag reduction, and ensuring well bore stability within the oil industry. The experience of weathering the downturn in 2015 and 2016 has reaffirmed our confidence in our dedicated team and the quality of our drilling fluid additives and loss circulation solutions, as well as the capabilities of our personnel.
Our relentless commitment to our clients, coupled with positive word-of-mouth referrals, has propelled our market presence to new heights. Whether it’s in the ever-expanding Permian Basin of West Texas, the demanding Granite Wash region in the Texas Panhandle, the robust Bakken area, the SCOOP, STACK, and Mississippi Lime formations in Oklahoma, or the promising Utica region in the Northeast, our reputation for outstanding cementing and drilling fluid additives continues to flourish. Come and discover what all the excitement is about!
Additionally, we offer our exceptional drilling fluid and mud additives across key regions, including Fort Worth, San Antonio, Midland, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, New Orleans, Canonsburg, Houston, and Denver.

Years of oil industry experience
Proven Products

TOP has provided the oil industry with specialized products and well site consulting and drilling management services for more than 200 years. This extensive experience allows our company to consistently provide operators with reliable and practical solutions. We invite you to explore our suite of well cementing products and drilling fluid and mud additives available in Dallas, including our exclusive loss circulation material, Tactical Blitz®. Our focus remains on providing the highest quality products in the oil industry to support wellbore stability, well integrity intervention, and torque and drag reduction, which has proven to be the key to our ongoing success.

What Sets Us Apart

Increase the Bottom Line

Envision the ability to eliminate the need for a casing string for a known loss zone, shorten trip times, improve wellbore stability with less reaming, and remedy severe loss issues with concentrated sweeps or pills through BHA jewelry. TOP products are the proven solution for your operations!

World Class Products

TOP products are not your average lubricating, loss circulation, and wellbore stability materials. Through intensive research, our team of experts has formulated our drilling fluid and mud additives to provide Dallas customers with superior products that ensure ideal results for oil field operators.

Customer Support

For any business to succeed, it is vital to be available to your customers at all times. At TOP, our team is available all hours of the day and night to assist you in your operations. We build solid relationships with our clients to ensure their needs are always met. As our valued client, your needs always come first. We would be honored to have the opportunity to prove this to you.

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If you have any questions regarding our products and services, please contact us and our experienced team will help determine the best solution to save you money and optimize your drilling operations. Reach out to us through our contact form or call us toll-free at (888) 783-0036. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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