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The Delaware and Midland Basins, also known as the Permian Basin, presents multiple loss circulation challenges for both mud and cement.  Tactical Oilfield Products, Inc. is becoming an industry leader with regards to addressing losses in formations such as the Sprayberry, Jo Mills, Brushy Canyon, Wolf Creek, etc..  Tactical Blitz®, our flagship LCM is a proprietary blend of inert bridging materials and ground nitrile rubber designed to be mixed with your existing mud system, spacer ahead of cement, or dry blended in your lead cement slurry.  Its diversity is helping operators mitigate moderate to severe, or total, losses when drilling; increase formation integrity for FITs; and achieve cement tops to depths otherwise thought to be unattainable.  Thanks to the partnerships with cement companies such as Compass Well Services, Nine Energy, West Texas Cementers, C&J, and Spinnaker Oilfield Services we are helping operators isolate critical zones and in some documented cases, eliminate the need for diverter tools.  Check out our multiple case histories and Midland drilling fluid and mud additives work to see how we can help improve your operations and join the growing list of satisfied customers today!

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Tactical Oilfield Products is unique because we have over 200 years of oil industry experience in drilling management, well site consulting, project management, specialty product development, sales and service. This experience allows TOP to empower the operator with honest and tactical solutions. Explore our suite of mud additives and well cementing products today, including our proprietary loss circulation material, Tactical Blitz®. The key to our success has been focusing on premium specialty drilling fluid additives and well cementing products for both mud and cement loss circulation, torque & drag reduction, well bore stability and well integrity intervention.

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How could you benefit from eliminating a casing string needed for a known loss zone? What about having the ability to decrease your trip times and reduce the need to ream through improved wellbore stability? Start saving trips and healing severe loss with a highly concentrated sweep or pills through BHA jewelry. Here at TOP, we have a solution for you.

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Unlike competitors, when partnering with Tactical Oilfield Products for Midland drilling fluid and mud additives, you don’t just get your run-of-the-mill loss circulation, lubricating, and wellbore stability materials. Our team provides the highest quality product through diligently researching and formulating our well cementing and drilling additives. This ensures the best results for operators.

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Our Tactical Oilfield Products team is available 24/7 to support your day-to-day operations. We strive to foster relationships where the client’s needs are met when needed.

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