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At Tactical Oilfield Products (TOP), our employees and dedicated partners focus on providing exceptional service and honest solutions to customers in New Orleans. Our drilling fluid and mud additives for lost circulation offer solutions that can mitigate large, costly events. Combined, our services and product offerings have grown, thanks to word of mouth from our satisfied clients in New Orleans and other states in the U.S. where operators depend on us to help optimize their well drilling operations. Check in with our experts and see what all the buzz is about and learn how we can help you.

Years of oil industry experience
Proven Products

Our experience combined with our suite of products give us the ability to provide straightforward tactical solutions. Our mud additives and well cementing products empower operators with proven solutions to common challenges. The mud additives for lost circulation and drilling fluid offered by our New Orleans team address an array of issues, including reducing torque and drag, and stabilizing wellbores. Let us put our 200 years of oil industry experience to work for you.

What Sets Us Apart

Increase the Bottom Line

The bottom line is that small issues can grow into big problems and that can impact profits and sustainability. We help by providing proactive solutions to solve small problems before they turn into big ones. We can heal even severe loss issues with highly concentrated sweeps or pills through BHA jewelry. Contact us today and see what solutions we have for you.

World Class Products

When we started TOP, we set out to find solutions to real problems. The result is our catalog of world-class products developed in-house. Our research and development led to formulations of well commenting and drilling mud additives that provide the highest possible quality to create the best results for operators.

Customer Support

When we say customer support, we mean it. We provide customer support to go along with all of our products, 24 hours a day, every day. Our customers are much more than a sale. We value the relationship between our company and our clients. Check in with us today and see how we can support your New Orleans company with our mud additives for lost circulation and drilling fluid.

The Latest News from T.O.P.

TOP Partners with Stickman (May 2019)

Acting as TOP’s strategic stock points and servicing arm, Stickman has expanded rig-site coverage into North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming allowing access to TOP’s suite of products to Bakken, Powder River and DJ Basin operators.

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If you have any questions regarding our products and services, please contact us and our experienced team will help determine the best solution to save you money and optimize your drilling operations. Reach out to us through our contact form or call us toll-free at (409) 839-0266. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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