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TOP Expansion into Eagle Ford

TOP has expanded it’s distribution range into the Eagle Ford shale region and is stocking materials at: 401 North Railroad Avenue Three Rivers, Texas 78060

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TOP – Tactical Oilfield Products Acquires Patent

Tactical Oilfield Products, Inc. (TOP) is pleased to announce their acquisition of The Sole Exclusive License to United States Patent No. 6,518,224 by Robert Wood (the ‘224 Patent). From the patent release: RE: Announcement of the 6,518,224 Drilling Fluids...

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Tactical Oilfield Products evaluation at Utica Shale

Tactical Oilfield Products evaluation at Utica Shale

TOP being evaluated in Utica shale region TOP-TROL™ is being compared to 2 competitor’s products to surmise which product comes up at the upper end of the spectrum for performance and cost savings overall. Stay tuned for the results to come!

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