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This vegetable oil-based liquid drilling fluid lubricant has proven its effectiveness in both WBM and OBM. TOP-SIDEWINDER™ is primarily used to reduce torque and drag, TOP-Sidewinder™ can also reduce downhole temperature and wellbore tortuosity. A truer wellbore with this mud additive lubricant will reduce trip times and increase casing running efficiency, ultimately decreasing time and cost.

Benefits, Batches, and Packaging


  • Enhances sliding efficiency
  • Reduces torque & drag, while motor drilling
  • Coats the BHA and helps prevent bit & BHA balling
  • ROP enhancer
  • Effective in water or mud
  • Non-Hydrocarbon
  • Non-Aromatic &Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable
Batch Mixes
May be batch mixed in water or mud for specific lubricating applications then swept or spotted thru the well bore.

TOP-SIDEWINDER™ is packaged in 55 gallon drums. There are 4 drums per pallet. Each pallet unit is banded and shrink wrapped for better transportation handling.
“One Way” 275 gal poly totes are also available.


TOP-SIDEWINDER™ drilling fluid lubricant is compatible with any diesel or synthetic oils that may be present in the well working fluids, and provides optimized enhanced lubricity in high solids and elevated temperatures.
TOP-SIDEWINDER™ is a highly effective drilling fluid lubricant for improving lubricity and sliding operations. Using TOP-SIDEWINDER™ as a mud additive effectively alleviates torque and drag problems.