Our Company

Tactical Oilfield Products, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Rich Jenks and Kevin Broussard who realized there was something missing from the existing oil drilling products and consulting available at the time. Tactical Blitz®, along with our other suite of oil drilling products has been specifically designed and chosen to fill that perceived gap. Since 2010 the TOP team has grown into a special group of dedicated partners and employees focused on providing our clients with exceptional service and honest solutions. We often say that the evolution of TOP has been a “God thing” because it has been by His grace and faithfulness that we are striving today. We encourage you to get to know the TOP team to see how our advanced oil drilling products and consulting services can help optimize your operations and ultimately save you money!

Leadership Team

Rich Jenks

President and CEO

Upon graduation from University of Louisiana in Petroleum Engineering in 1983, Rich entered the Oilfield with Global Engineering. After nine years with Global, Rich transitioned to the LCM and Well Bore Stability business and has been providing solutions for various problematic scenarios such as Loss Circulation, Torque & Drag, Shale Instability, etc. In 2010, Rich and Kevin Broussard founded Tactical Oilfield Products, Inc. Together they have built a great team of experienced professionals that have manufactured cutting edge products with excellent service and expertise.

Kevin Brousard

Vice President of Operations

Kevin’s oilfield experience is well rounded with both the service & operator perspective. He started his career gravel packing before moving into drilling fluids. He gained essential knowledge of many types specialty products given the problematic area in which he worked. In 2005 he transitioned to drilling consulting, teaming on some of the deepest wells drilled in the GOM & Louisiana inland waters. After developing products earlier in his career, TOP, Inc. was a natural transition to use his all-around knowledge of wellbore fracking, integrity and instability to assist clients in saving time and money, effectively increasing their bottom line.

Jeffery Everage

Vice President of Sales

Jeff spent 8 years with T H Hill Associates, Inc. as a field technician and auditor eventually moving into sales in 2005 where he worked with multiple operators to reduce NPT through comprehensive QA/QC programs, eventually co-authoring two SPE papers outlining their success. Joining TOP in 2011, he continues to work with operators to reduce their risk and save money through customized mud and cement additive programs while managing TOP’s sales and growth efforts.

Trained On Prevention,
ensuring sustainability

Preventative solutions aimed at mitigating larger and more costly events.
Unbiased advice geared to be in the best interest of the client.
Customized plans tailored to wellbore-specific issues and location.