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is a proprietary blend of granulated nitrile rubber and other inert bridging materials designed as loss circulation material to restore circulation and wellbore stability. All of the components are pre-blended and sent to location in one sack, reducing the foot print on the rig and taking the guess work out of the formulation. Tactical Blitz® can be used in all types of drilling fluids, as well as cement spacers and slurries, as a preventative sweep or severe-to-total loss pill. This diverse loss circulation material equips an operator to combat almost any loss scenario and regain circulation and wellbore stability.

Benefits and Packaging

Heals severe-to-total losses in any drilling fluid by spotting an aggressive pill.Benefits

  • Has a large PSD ranging from 36µ – 3,300µ.
  • Average PSD of 825µ.
  • Premixed in a one-sack solution to reduce rig footprint and eliminate the need for multiple LCM’s.
  • Mixes easily in all drilling fluids with most rig’s existing equipment.
  • Mitigates mild-to-moderate seepage in any drilling fluid with sweeps.
  • Heals severe-to-total losses in any drilling fluid by spotting an aggressive pill.
  • Pumps at high concentration through BHA jewelry saving multiple trips.
  • Improves weak shoes.
  • Improves cement tops by dry blending Blitz in your lead slurry or running it in the spacer.

  • 50-pound paper bags
  • 50 bags per pallet
  • Palletized and Shrink Wrapped
An all out Blitz is what you need as your first response to lost circulation. TACTICAL BLITZ loss circulation material will help you recover from the losses before they become critical and recreate wellbore stability!
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