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TOP Squeeze™
is a dewatering pill designed to regain oil well circulation in total mud loss scenarios. What sets TOP Squeeze® apart from other dewatering drilling fluid products on the market is TOP’s proprietary granulated nitrile rubber. TOP Squeeze™ is packaged as its own system. All that is needed is water and a weighting agent.

Benefits and Packaging

TOP-SQUEEZE™ is designed to be mixed utilizing the drilling rig mixing tanks, hopper and centrifugal pumps, and down hole placement can be handled using the rig pumps.

Depending on the rig site situation, the mixing and pumping operations can be expedited through the use of a rental mixing tank and a pump truck or skid unit.


TOP-SQUEEZE™ is packaged in 1600 lb, full pallet units with 40 sacks weighing 40 lbs each, for ease in use and aimed at reducing the potential for damage to typical opened pallets.
Determine the appropriate pill volume requirements for our TOP Squeeze dewatering drilling fluid. In most scenarios, a pill volume of 100 bbls should be considered sufficient and minimum. In large well bores, and in situations where the lost circulation is extreme or total, a greater pill volume is recommended. As a rule of thumb, consider approximately 50% of the pill volume to be dehydrated and dewatered, as the seal is formed in and through the well bore.
There are no activators, accelerators or retarders required for our dewatering drilling fluid. All the components required are included in the TOP-SQUEEZE™ package.