Our drilling mud additives and other products help with a wide range of fluid loss circulation and well drilling issues for all situations. The following is a list of some of the issues that our customers face and the solutions that we provide for each:

Minor Seepage (5 – 15 bph)

Moderate Losses (15 – 30 bph)


Total Losses


As a general recommendation, 25 bbl sweeps of 25 ppb of TACTICAL BLITZ™ have been very successful in the avoidance and remediation of seepage to whole mud losses.

As a contingency, it is recommended that TACTICAL BLITZ™ complement initial orders of TOP products planned to prevent seepage or loss circulation problems. If a lost circulation scenario is encountered, the bit should be pulled to above the suspected loss zone.

Depending on the mud weight, concentrations exceeding 75+ ppb can be mixed (specific recommendations are made on a well by well basis) into the active drilling mud, and spotted in the open hole. When vugular or cavernous formations are encountered, TACTICAL BLITZ™ can be used as an addition to TOP-SQUEEZE™.

Torque and Drag Issues


For lubricity improvement & torque & drag reduction:
Add 3.0% by volume, to the active mud system.

Maintain system concentration, on a tourly basis for routine system maintenance and as new hole is drilled.


Total Losses


It is recommended that TOP-SQUEEZE™ is mixed in Drill Water. For quicker and more trouble-free mixing, fresh to slightly brackish drill water is recommended. Sea water to salt water will inhibit the quick dehydration and dewatering effects, and is not recommended.

Light Density Formulation – For a typical 100 bbl pill, Add 70 bbls Drill Water, 7 pallets of TOP-SQUEEZE™ and 4 pails of FOAM-BLOCK™ defoamer. Add barite to achieve the desired pill density. Sealing effectiveness is increased proportionally through increasing fluid densities.

Normal Density Formulation – For a typical 100 bbl pill, Add 75 bbls Drill Water, 5 pallets of TOP-SQUEEZE™ and 3 pails of FOAM-BLOCK™ defoamer. Add barite to achieve the desired pill density.

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